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hi, i'm natalie.
14 years since march 19, 98.
chicago, il, amurica
i like coffee, books, and music.
if you don't like those things,
i don't like you.
stay beautiful, love.

Quotes by foreverxyoung14

You told me to do what makes me happy. But the thing is, I don't know what
makes me happy. Just as something gets better with one person,
something gets worse with another. Why is it always me? I hate this.
I hate the constant struggle of hatred for myself. The constant
empty feeling that consumes me. I feel horrible. I mess everything
up. You deserve much better than me. I'm not worth it. I'm not lovable.
November 9th, 2012.

everyone looks at me and thinks i'm just the happy girl.
that one girl with the smile thats on her face 100% of the time.
that one girl with the crazy obnoxious laugh that's on replay;
all day long.
the one with straight A's.
the one that's booked tight with plans with all her friends.
the one with the "cute", "perfect", "gonna get married" relationship.
that one girl that you see with atleast 50 likes on her Facebook picture;
and all of the great comments that she accepts.
she's confident, right?
" Oh hey you're perf. You should be a modelllll(:"
"LOVE THIS pretty girl"

"Natalie! you're gorgeous!! and seriously this is perfection. I'm jealous."
"Cute :)"
"Stop being perfect. Love you.<3"
"you are perfect. <3"
"Gorgeous, of course. (:"
"Hate you gorgeous(:"
"Omg gorgeous natalie! Love it!!"
"jelly over here.."
"SOO perfect Natalie"
"Oh my gosh this is stunning. You're seriously one of the prettiest girls I know ."


That girl?
She's broken.
Torn up inside.
Although she accepts the compliments,
she looks in the mirror
and hates herself.
She cries herself to sleep.
She used to cut herself.
She was depressed; was suggested antidepressants.
She went to therapy and broke down.
She began pushing everyone away.
And still is.
She pushed away her best friends.
She doesn't even know why.
She's confused.
She doesn't know what to do.
She doesn't know if anything is worth it anymore.

She's me.

what i said: i forgot my book.

what the teacher heard: I hate school and I hate you and I'm totally being disrespectful because I don't want to make something out of my life. 


a fictional character who has no dialogue, whose face never made it on screen, who doesn't serve the plot, and who exists for two seconds in one line from a supporting character; is one of the most memorable and beloved characters from the 2000s.


I want to know how many scars you have

and memorize the shape of your tongue.

I want to climb the curve of your lower back

and count your vertebrae
                                             your ribs
                                             your fingers
                                             your goose bumps.

I want to chart the topography of your anatomy

and be fluent in your body language.

I want you, entire.



Karma's a b*tch.
I didn't know your name was Karma.


   *my quote. real convo.


 AT&T M CELL 9:48 PM       98%
Are you stupid or something?
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after eating all day,
could use some food.


"when you're happy, you enjoy the lyrics. but when you're sad, you understand the lyrics."
-frank ocean

nothing to  eat.

wardrobe fuloclothes;
nothing to wear.
internet fulosites;
nothing to go on.