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Dear people who order salads at McDonalds,
           Let's get real, that's like going to a strip club for a hug.

                                                           everyone loves fast food

30days30letters:  day 1
your best friend

dear ella,
  ive known you forever, we were never close until your freshman year. im so glad we started hanging out again...ever since then weve been inseperable. through everythingg youve been there for me from family, to bitchess, to guys, i can talk to you about literally anything and i know youre always there. i dont know what i would do without you.we have the best times.hahaha so many, love you girlllll

does she love you like i love you
ll she tell you everyday
l she make you feel invincible, with every word she'll say
n you promise me that this was right?
dont throw it all away

does he watch your favorite movies
es he hold you when you cry
s he let you tell him all your favorite parts, when youve                  seen it a million times   
s he sing to all your music, while you dance to purple rain
es he do all these things?
like i used to
so this year on september second, the date will be

if nothing lasts forever...

        ღ     will you be my nothing?
youre messin around
                    i figured you out                   
youre takin me down
but i would be feelin it anyway
cause nobody loves me like you do
*boy, you know its bad when you do that,

but you dont care  
soo i was just thinking...
where did all this dinosaur and ninja stuff start...
i get a rush
. .more than a crush. .

almost love