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Quotes by forgetandmoveon

Dear Dana,

Reading back on my old letters to you, I have realised so much, but to sum ithit all up in three words Life Goes On. There are always going to be problems, but theres always going to be amazing things too. We truly are prisoners of our own mind. Everything is in our head, we see what we wish to see. There is beauty in everything and everyone, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Looking back, everything changes so much, so fast. You never know what's going to happen next, however whatever does happen is only what you allow. Try to have an open mind about things, because then you see  more clearly. Just remeber that sometimes bad things will happen but you just got to give up the good for the great. I love you so much and I'm truly sorry for everything.

- xoxo your sister 
What I want today, Isn't what i'll want tomorrow

I Feel Like I'm Annoying You,
Just By Talking To You



Life goes on, but never forget where you came from


I Wonder


You Hear My Name
& In That Moment                                                    
I Swear We Were Infinite                                                    
My Problems, My Fears                                                    
All Went Away                                                    
Nothing Mattered                                                    
Because I Was Safe In Your Arms                                                    
it hurts that, I'm not anyone's first choice

It kills me that you're all I think, or dream about,                                                            
& I doubt that I ever cross your mind.