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Quotes by forgetandmoveon


& you always know how to make me feel better,
one day without you is like a day without rain.


Kiss Me Like You Wanna Be Loved
You Wanna Be Loved
You Wanna Be Loved
This Feels Like Falling In Love
Falling In Love
We're Falling In Love

You Know Me, Not My Story
You Know My Name, Not My Life
You Know My Decisions, But Not My Reasoning
Hate all you want, but keep your judging to yourself.

& I Knew It Was Too Good To Be True
They're Like Black Holes Sucking Her
In To The Bottum Of A Deep Dark Place, 
That's Imposible To Escape.
She Grabs On To You, 
But You Let Go And Fall In With Her.

They need to leave me alone....
They're just complicating my life as if it wasn't complicated enough.

I'm tired

Of Good Things Always
Coming To An End.
Of Complications Getting
In The Way Of My Happyness.
I'm Tired Of Judging The Future
Because Of My Past.
I'm Just Tired 
Of Being Scared When I'm Happy, 
Because I Know It Won't Last.
It's Like I'm Not Even Happy When
I'm "Happy" Anymore.



Maybe If I Ignore the sad...
It'll go away ♥



You Really Never Know How Much You Had Until You Lose It

I'm All Out Of Faith, This Is How I Feel
I'm Cold, And I Am Ashamed Bound And Broken On The Floor.
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