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Quotes by forgetmenotforever

There has come a point in my life when I am no longer looking for a reason to live.

I'm looking for an excuse to not.

People ask me why I wear sweaters and baggy clothes all the time.

They ask why I don't wear make-up and why I don't curl my hair.

And when I ask them why they do, they just can't seem to understand.


It's because confidence is something I've never had.

It's an excuse, something to fall back on.

I would rather have people judge me on the things I can control,

that to judge me on the things that I can't.


I can't change my personality.

But I can change my clothes.


I can't change how I look.

But I can change how much I eat.


I can't change who I am.

But I can sure as hell change how people see me.

She sighed and smiled at me, one of those rare smiles, all soft and forgiving. "I raised a good daughter," she said, with an air of finality. She turned back to the sink, and was once more lost in her own world of picket fences and trimmed hedges and the color yellow and what the neighbors may or may not be doing with the other neighbors. My mother hid in her dreams the way I would hide if someone broke into my house. With held breathe and big eyes and every part of my soul praying that things we be okay. And who was I to come barging in, opening whatever cabinet or closet that hid her safely away? Because you can't tell your own mother that's she is wrong about her daughter.
Honestly, she didn't raise a good daughter.
She just raised a good liar.
I'm not okay.
But my lungs are still breathing, and my heart is still beating.
And I guess I'll survive.
So long as my mind is still dreaming.

Write Something Your Parents Would Be Proud Of

Trust me Witty...

The Only Thing My Parents Could Be Proud Of

Is a lie....

Your eyes are the prettiest things I’ve ever seen, even when they’re spilling over with tears.
You told me that you hadn’t cried in two years.
I told you that I had cried at lunch that day.
You were crying for her, for a love you once had that was now lost.
I was crying for you, for a love I never had and wanted more than anything.
Still do, in fact.
Your hands are the most wonderful thing about you, especially when they are in mine.
I remember that she used to laugh at them, saying they looked weird.
You didn’t notice, but my friends had to stop me from attacking her right then and there.
Yet you still loved her.
Still do, in fact.
Sorry, did I not tell you?
This story doesn’t have a happy ending.
At least, not for me.
Because if you love somebody, you want them to be happy,
Whether you are pushed out of the picture or not.
I guess I’ll be the one taking the picture now.
"Oh, Lily," he says, shaking his head. "I know about love. I know about wanting and dreaming and wishing with every piece of your soul. I know enough to recognize the difference between he parts that are real and the parts that are only in my fantasy."
                       (Forgive My Fins)
I really hate it when a really awesome quote has 123 faves. I feel like I can't favorite it because I will be breaking some kind of magical wonder or something like that. Just me?....
My Interpritation of the Great Witty War of 2013:
I leave for like a week and when I come back eveyone's all like "Ranty rant rant blah blah war cries oh no she didn't oh yes she did girl hold my earrings words are flying quotes are getting weirder and not in a good way Steve is gone people are rocking on the floor little old ladies are shaking their fingers and I'm just over in th corner like Whhaaaaa? Holy Nutella, people, PULL YOURSELVES TOGETHER!!!

When I was 6 I accidently sent my Christmas List to Satan. That explains why I only got coal that year. Everything else had burned up...