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Cali - 15 - Mikayla is the best

~Hiiii. I like food and music and friends and food. And I follow everyone back.
so. Yeah. I'm weird and if you don't like that it's okay because a lot of people don't like me so you'd just be another name on the list for me.
errrrmmmm I cut.
and I throw up from stress.
and I have at least 3 anxiety attacks everyday, and sometimes I have seizures from them.
I listen to post hardcore, scream, country, techno, pop, and pretty much everything else because like I said, I am weird. If you want to get to know me, great. I love making new friends and stuff. so just leave a comment on my profile and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. ^.^
byeeeee <3 ~


Okay Cali. Never be insecure because you're so pretty. 
Don't forget about our gamee.
I ship Cathan. So hard.

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Quotes by forrealzbro

You've got a lot to say for the one who walked away.


*You me at six

But you don't know what it's like
to wake up in the middle of the night,
scaring the thought of kissing razors.
This blood evacuation is telling me to cave in.

-Pierce the Veil
~stay away from my friends

my moms nickname in school was
Francis Jean The Booger Machine



The Booger Machine

Sometimes letting go is the best thing...
But it can also be the  h a r d e s t .

mom: why are you scared to walk past a group of teenagers even though you are also a teenager

me: why am I scared to walk past a group of people even though i am also a people

I went on a date last night.
it was so.. awkward.
like he was nice and he held the door open for me and paid and stuff,
but I really felt no real connection.
We laughed and joked and we asked questions about each other but I don't think we can be something.
I put my head on his shoulder at the movies and it was just so uncomfortable and i have a huge knot in my neck now but i didn't want to move because im pretty sure he was sleeping...
on the plus side, he smells wonderful.

yeah I don't exactly have the perfect love life.
I really like him.
I just miss you, okay?
I'm sorry i keep texting you..
I'm sorry I keep asking for you back..
I should respect your decision..
I should move on, I know..
I just can't.
Everyones all happy cuz im single now.
They want me to find new guys.
They see a cute guy and wink at me to go talk to them.
and i kinda just yell 'im not single its just a break!'
but i know in a few days you'll break up with me for good...
but i'll always be Cali Benson.. I swear..

I miss the old me.