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Quotes by dunner*

I would like to thank the adults that don't do anything at all for anyone, look out only for themselves, and hurt other people because they can. I would clap but it's kinda hard with both my hands holding up the finger.
Hahaha f*ck you.

Dont f*ck with my love
That heart is so cold
All over my arm
I dont want to know that babe.
Each dream we have is given a reality eventually.

I appreciate people who can communicate in the most profound intellectual way that makes you think and in turn I want to express how  much gratitude and appreciation I have for that so I think of something inspirational or as eloquent as what they just said.
1000% of the time I just end up saying something along the lines of,
"Woah, that's like so deep bruh."
I believe the dark, the dangerous, and the damaged are beautiful.
She read him her stories about faraway lands while he stayed in the present falling in love with her voice.

So one of my classmates started calling his girlfriend (or shoud i say ex now?) a conniving succubus (s at the end must be pronounced elongated and with the feeling of hatred.) Welp I guess that ended badly.

Oh please elaborate on how you're so much better than me because of your music taste.

I know my singing skills are horrible but a Disney song is coming up. You better settle down and cover your earss because sure as heck,
I'm belting this motherf*cker.

To the pretentious fellow that takes every single little thing into offense. Yeah, you know who you are. 
Christ we're just talking about topperware don't need to go all ballistic. 
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