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Quotes by freehugs777

Sometimes, it's easier to just let everything go. Everything feels better when you forget it even happend.

Yet, it's so hard to forget. 

I've been stopping at green lights, Got lost on my way home, And been sleepwalking at night. I put my shirt on inside out, Umbrella in the sun, My head up in the clouds. My friends just laugh at me, there's only one thing it could be. I've come down with love<3

So what if we get  d r u n k
So what if we smoke  w e e d
We're just having  f u n
We don't care who  s e e s
So what if we go  o u t
That's how its susposed to  b e
Livin Y O U N G. W I L D. and F R E E.

I got the swagger of a cripple. 
watch and subscribe. funny stuff!!

                 i just realized
how hard it is to watch a FULL youtube video     
     because you are tempted to click on another video
the awkward moment...

when a guy can sing higher then you

1. Hold your breath

2. Click add a quote

3. Copy and paste this quote

4. If you did all this with out breathing, you're a good kisser(: