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Tumblr is down and I don't know what to do with my life...

Didn't give a f*ck yesterday.
Probably won't giva f*ck tomorrow.
If you won't sing in the car
with me when we drive, we can't be friends
Lol So True: #129
You raise your hand to answer the easy questions, so the teacher won't bother you with hard ones later.





Ugly People Problems #9

Me: I'm cold.
Guys: Shut up I can't control the weather.

Pretty Girl: I'm cold.
Guys: Here take my jacket my beautiful little thing let's cuddle to transfer some heat to your precious little body so you don't get frost bite oh dear lord let this child be warm.



Here's to thpeople
     whhavliked  the    same person 



Today I went running, but after two minutes I had to go back home because I forgot something...

I forgot that I could only run for two minutes.


When I love you, I start to love
everything about you.

From your looks, to your personality.
It doesn’t matter how ugly you think you look,
and it doesn’t matter how bad of a person you are,
if I love you, I can, and will only see
the positive things about you.

Everything about you just seems to
perfectly match with what I want.
It’s really simple,
I just love everything about you.


“Awwwww sh*t this is my jam,” I say as i spread it on my toast.


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You are perfect to me. 
I love how your eyes look when you smile.
I love how your nose is so cute and perfect.
I love how your lips look so kissable.
I love how you make me laugh
even when your jokes are old and cheesy.
I love how you wrap your arms around me
whenever I’m cold or for no apparent reason.
I love how you look into my eyes
and stare until one of us notices we are completely lost.
I love that you take my hand whenever you realize
that fingers aren’t intertwined with yours.
I love how you kiss my cheek whenever you come close.
I can’t express how perfect you are.
You are my happiness.
I wonder though…
What can you say about me?