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Lemme tell you how the first (and so far the last. yeah I know, pathetic right?) guy confessed to me. 
Let's call him... Mark...
During 4th grade, lunch, I was eating with him. We're best friends, and everyone in the school knows it. He was about to get up and leave to throw his food away, but I stopped him. It was sudden, but I asked him, "Tell me who you like, please!! I'm your best friend! I won't tell!"
He smiled that lovely smile of his, and said, "I'll tell you the first letter. Y."
"Y?" I was confused, because nobody in the school had a name that started with 'Y'. I started randomly guessing, "Yovanne? Yolanda? Pleasee tell me?"
He laughed a little, then said, "
We both smiled at each other, but never went out.
Never dated.
Just stayed as 'Best Friends'. 
... I don't talk to him anymore.
Might be cheesy to you, but it's the most romantic thing I've ever heard of. 

I was just sitting in the front of the class..
Teacher left the class..
I'm talking to my friend..
I hear my name from the back.
When I turn around, they weren't looking at me.

One girl was speaking, the boy was listening.
His eyes shifted, from her, to me.
He smiles and starts laughing.
Points. Says, "Her?! No wayy."
The girl nods, and starts laughing with him.
They keep looking at me.
He shouts, "Cloe is dating Keith?!"
Most people turn and look at me.
Others--my friends--ignore him.
Keith, sitting a couple seats away, looks at me.
His friend whispers loudly, "She's not good enough dude."
He slightly nods, trying to make not to make it obvious he's agreeing.

This is nevercutyourbeautiful's challenge. Go talk
 to her to take it(:

The world, is your oyster. And one day you're gonna find your pearl.

Unless if your
oyster has no pearl then in that case you'll have to get another oyster which means you'll have to get another 

-Ryan Higa

Who else thinks a remix really kills a song?
Just need to know if there is anyone else that agrees....

That awkward moment when you're smiling at a baby you don't know and all they do is look at you like you're crazy.
Me: Wanna go swimming?
Friend: Sure but... girl thing remember?
Me: Oh yeah, I have tampons that I don't use? They scare me.
Friend: I love tampons.
Me: *leaves room*
Why not?
I bet no guy has the guts to write me a paragraph in my comment box on my profile that I will never forget. Girls, pass this on and see who the nicest guy is on Witty. See what guy can actually write a paragraph that will supriseyou.
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When your mom says, "Don't make me repeat myself!!!"
You're thinking, I never asked you to.
Slide to the left (>•.•)>
Slide to the right<(•.•<)
Criss cross (>•.•<) <(•.•)>
Cha cha real slow (^-.-)>
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My Soul Hurts </3