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Quotes by frostedinPINK

If you go into something thinking you're going to do bad or fail.
Chances are, you just might not do your best.
Always think positive. 
Even if you're not so sure of yourself,
just go in there and give it your 100%
Never let your fears get the best of you.

Sigh... :/   Another boring Friday night        

   to add to my boring life.                Oh joy...

It's the boy who never told I like you

❤                        It's the girl you let get away...      

I hate feeling
like the bad guy -_-

Getting a text from an unknown number 
and not wanting to ask who it is
because you think you're being rude. -_-

You are a  shining example
Of why I don't sleep at all


Every day I try to look my best

Even though inside I'm such a mess

Why do I always feel invisible,

The most important things in life
       ❤                                                                          AREN'T THINGS.

No one is as lucky as us
we're not at the end but
oh we already won

No one is as lucky as us