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Quotes by frostedinPINK

It was like a time bomb set into motion,
We knew that we were destined to explode.
And if I had to pull you out of the wreckage,
You know I'm never gonna let you go.


Well I may be bad but,

I'm perfectly good at it.

I just love it when
people change teams when the other one is winning.

Why can't I breathe.
Whenever I think about >>You<<

I don't care ...

If Monday's black
Tuesday Wednesday heart attack
Thursday never looking back
It's Friday I'm in love

One hundred percent,
With every penny spent,

He'll be the one that,
Finishes your sentences.

I didn't feel
That fairytale feeling, no.
Am I a stupid girl
For ever dreaming that I could.


Take what you want,
Steal my pride,

Build me up,

Or cut me down in size,

Shut me out,
But I'll just scream,

I'm only one voice in a million,
But you ain't taking that from me!

Find yourself!
Cause I can't find you.
Be yourself!
Who are you?

Who knows what could happen

Do  what  you  do  just  keep  on  l aughing

One thing's true:
There's always a brand new day
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