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Hey guys, I'm Emily Colleen.


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i'm leaving witty
i think my boyfriends going to break up with me because hes ignoring me.
WELP I GUESS IT WAS FUN WHILE IT LASTED. should've seen this coming.
I miss the days when formats took forever and people were really proud of them. Now you can just hit "random format" and not even care.
I also miss the days when Wittians knew it was "add to Faves" not "like"... if you roll over the heart under the quote it says "add to Faves"
Hush little teenager, don't say a word.
Mama's gunna buy you the whole wide world.
And if that world is a piece of sh*t,
don't think Mama's gunna give a sh*t.
Instead she'll buy you your own very blade,
and say "Be careful, but cut the right way.
Life's tough b*tch but don't you cry.
Instead just cut and tell the world goodbye."
And now the poor little teenager's gone,
all because the world made her think she didn't belong
"You need to turn it down a notch," I said as I turned the setting down on my stove.
i hate when i'm with my boyfriend and we're hugging and all of sudden my stomach just decides, "oh, here's some random noises, you're welCOME"