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Heeey im Gabrielle ;-*
but i perfer ya call me gabby (;
15 years young ( August 24th )
Sophomore 13-14, holla!!
im not the skinniest or the prettiest
theres this guy.. and there always will be...

my friends mean the world... i only have 4 legit ones
tbh im kind of a bitch and im sorry, don't take it personally

mean girls. volleyball. Music. one direction. all time low. the summer set. the maine. BMTH. sleeping with sirens. parachute. Tumblr. Instagram. poetry.
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Tumblr: : Blackbutterflies.... this is PERFECT. : this is so true i can relate..<3
skinny-jeans-for-beauty-queens:the way they hit you and expect it to hurt &lt;me

Quotes by gabbielol88

you and i are ending, 
and i'm not ready for that.

Most people
better than they get 

                   I never understood,what love was really like,
But I felt it for the first time looking in
your  eyes
"Lie to me again" She whispered.

"I love you" he said.

People don't realize,
 People aren't what they seem.

I know we are over,
and you are over me,
But i think we still have more to our story...

I don't need to be perfect;



No wonder why you
weren't interested in me, 

you liked her.

is a mental game,
are a bleeding fus,
she's lost,
lost in her world,
lost in her failing love,
loosing her mind,
she's running out of time,
As she holds the killer,
does she want to give it the power?
the power to kill
the power to win
she needed the power within,
her mind played tricks,
so it didn;t hurt a bit,
as the blood dripped down her wrist,
She sat there silent,
had broken her promise,
She cries herself to sleep...


I don't love him ,
But all the memories are still there,
So when i am reminded,

My hear achs   ab it .