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Dear "Good friend";

He's in a happy relationship. Dont tear them apart.

 What's mine is mine


That feeling you get;

When you realize he was only p r e t e n d i n g


"Did you get a sun burn?"

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Today at percussion tech class;
We got our proficiency test results back.
The teachers were doing the usual, telling me how much me, as an 8th grader went from 8th grade percussion knowledge to high school percussion knowledge, told me stuff what I could've done better, and that gave the usual congratulations you receive after doing well on a test

They said I could call the next person, and right as I started to walk away, one of the teachers said:
Once every few years a natural musicians stumbles into the percussion section. And a Natural can easily pick up any instrument, and be a master at it with little difficulty. You might think that Megan, or "crazy mallet girl", who runs the show, is a natural, but she's not. She's very good, one of the bests I've ever seen but music does not come naturally to her. There's only one natural in the percussion section currently, Luke, who's a junior, but he doesnt put in all that much effort into band class, which  is why most people would suspect Megan to be a natural. Naturals are such a big help to the percussion section, especially to the pit, its a weird section to play. One day, if you put as much effort into band as Megan did, you'll be running the show, be called "Crazy mallet girl" and be just as good as her

Because Gabby, just like Luke, I can see that you are a natural musican.


And Honey:

Is the best  thing you can wear



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