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Quotes by war is over*

closure won't come from them,

 it will come from you.


 you'll never get the whole thing  

you want the whole thing to yourself but you'll never get it so you keep eating the pieces that you can get.

while there are whole hershey's bars lollipops and reese's cups willing and ready to give their all to you you continue to take the skittles because that's all your tongue wants and all that your heart desires and you think that is all you can love. 

you know you're only allowed to have the red skittles. you crave the other colors so badly and you know you should just walk away because they'll never be offered to you but the red ones taste so so good so you keep eating them in hopes of being able to taste a sweet purple even though you know deep down the chances are very low. 

and The red ones designated for you will eventually run out and you won't be allowed to have skittles at all anymore and all the rest of the skittles you wanted so badly will fall into someone else's mouth who was allowed to have the whole bag for reasons you will never be able to know.  

and until your red pieces are gone, you will keep on hoping and hoping and hoping, and not be totally honest about being fine with eating nothing but red, and you will pine, and you will go there, and you will eat yet another red skittle just so you can have a tiny little taste of what perfect is like, but never enough. 

it's not good. run away. find someone available. you deserve it.



i'm not a stop along the way. i'm a destination.
   When I first started climbing the tree of love, I knew better than to pick the fruit hanging lowest from the tree, the fruit  that I didn't want because I am not desperate.
   But as I climbed further and further up, I began to find it more and more difficult to get what I wanted from the tree. My friends wanted me to pick perfectly good fruit that I never ended up picking because it didn't feel right. I was too unsure of whether the fruit was right for me even though the   fruit clearly wanted me. I want to take risks, I want to get out of my comfort zone, but I am still too scared to pick fruit that isn't as round as I'd usually go for because I am not particularly impressed by it initially.
     Yet the fruit I was sure about, the fruit that gave me butterflies in my stomach, the fruit that I felt in my heart was right for me and what I truly wanted, I tried to pick it. But it wouldn't budge. Later on, I tried again with a different fruit that gave me the same feelings. The stem cracked from the branch but refused to detach from it. My heart was broken. It broke even more when I saw girls who wanted those same fruits that gave me butterflies and made my heart race pick them with ease. Hell, those fruits almost fell on their faces. More fruit started to call for me but I didn't pick them because none of them made me feel the way other fruit did.
   And that's when I asked myself, "Should I pick what I don't particularly care for much? Is it worth it? Is it worth not feeling butterflies for someone who treats you well and understands you but doesn't give you that "feeling" inside? Is continuing to climb this tree going to hurt me in the end? Will I die before I reach the top because I never picked a fruit? Do I even deserve fruit, am I too picky to pick fruit? Will I ever find a
fruit I am sure about, fruit that gives me butterflies in my stomach, fruit that I feel in my heart is right for me and what I truly want that will fall off of the tree just for me?"
     I don't know the answer to any of this, but I am starting to think maybe the tree of love just wasn't meant for me to climb.

i just wanted it to be me and only me but no one ever thinks i'm enough to do the job alone or at all

maybe it's time for me to start apologizing to the world for always wanting more than it can offer me.


they tell you not to settle for less than what you want but when they watch you turn down the things you don't want they tell you you're too picky and that you'll never get what you want.
i'd do anything to go back to the day we first met and say no instead of yes

I really wanted to be with him, no matter how bad he treated me. Because when he treated me well, I felt so perfect. So when he treated me poorly, I tried even harder for him to treat me well again.

BRACED MYSELF                 FOR THE  


                      C A U S E  T H A T ' S  A L L              [x][x]