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               i'd be his,

  if he asKeD
i can't remember the last time a guy called me beautiful. not hot, not sᶒxy, not cute, not pretty--but beautiful.
and i hope that you say you care

but whatever
happens, i'll
be okay.
i asked god to take you out of my life if you weren't going to bring me more happiness than pain. And he immediately took you away. and yet i still wasn't satisfied because i wanted to be the one who called the shots, I wanted to be the one who ended things. I just wanted you to stay until someone better came along...how selfish of me.
Gimme one more night
One last goodbye
Let’s do it one last time Let’s do it one last time One more time?

"I love my country, sometimes even more than it loves me."
Dear Mr. President Elect,

I am just a small town country girl that you have never heard of and whose voice you will never hear. You will probably never see this. It probably won't be shared enough or even at all. It may as well be gone as soon as I hit publish. 

All of that said, I am going to use my small voice to tell you what I think and feel, what I hope comes of this. 

I hope you prove me wrong. I hope you do make America great again as you say you will. America needs saving. 

I hope you close the great divide that we have suffered due to the hatred and r.ácism, that you yourself are guilty of portraying to this once great nation.

I am terrified, because you placed a man who legalized discrimination in his state a heartbeat from the office you just won. I pray for our LGBT community who's rights are being endangered because of who they love. They deserve to love as fiercely as anyone. Please help them in through this battle they so deserve to win.

I want you to prove to me that you are not the man you appear to be. You are the man that is the leader of all things hate in this country. The r.ácists, the bigots, and the bullies. 

I fear for my rights as a(n African American) woman. You have so clearly shown nothing but blatant disregard and disrespect while promoting rápe culture in this Nation. I am an asset to this country, as are all of our strong willed women. 

You are not the type of person that I would have ever imagined becoming a president. 

Frankly you are a far cry from the role model I thought I would call a president when explaining to my children who to look up to. I'm begging for you to prove me wrong. 

I fear what you can do in just four minutes. I fear for our military families. They never know what wars they may be thrown into because a world leader baits you in a tweet.

I fear for our recovering economy, that was doing well under a great man.

In short, you have some big shoes to fill Mr. President Elect. I have mounds of fears and concerns where you are involved in America's well-being. 

I honestly think America made a mistake by choosing you. 

I will pray for you, like every good American should. I pray you show me that you can be a man that we as Americans can be proud of. Mostly I pray you prove me wrong.

A small town country girl.

closure won't come from them,

 it will come from you.


 you'll never get the whole thing  

you want the whole thing to yourself but you'll never get it so you keep eating the pieces that you can get.

while there are whole hershey's bars lollipops and reese's cups willing and ready to give their all to you you continue to take the skittles because that's all your tongue wants and all that your heart desires and you think that is all you can love. 

you know you're only allowed to have the red skittles. you crave the other colors so badly and you know you should just walk away because they'll never be offered to you but the red ones taste so so good so you keep eating them in hopes of being able to taste a sweet purple even though you know deep down the chances are very low. 

and The red ones designated for you will eventually run out and you won't be allowed to have skittles at all anymore and all the rest of the skittles you wanted so badly will fall into someone else's mouth who was allowed to have the whole bag for reasons you will never be able to know.  

and until your red pieces are gone, you will keep on hoping and hoping and hoping, and not be totally honest about being fine with eating nothing but red, and you will pine, and you will go there, and you will eat yet another red skittle just so you can have a tiny little taste of what perfect is like, but never enough. 

it's not good. run away. find someone available. you deserve it.



i'm not a stop along the way. i'm a destination.