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i'm gabrielle.
my bestfriends&family mean everything to me.
i wanna be a singer when i get older, but you know, it's just a dream.
i have a cellphone & a facebook.
i won't give my cell number out to anyone.
but if i trust you enough, you can have my facebook.
bryana, victoria, megan, and kierstan.
the people i can trust with EVERYTHING.
i love meeting new people, so comment on my profile.
i hate liars.
cheesecake.. <-- random, but ew, i hate it.

so, talk to me. i'd love to hear from my witty family!(:

i don't trust people very easily. i personally only trust people if i've been close with them for awhile. it's just how i am. love you guys though! -gabrielle. - Profile Counters - Profile Counters

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Am I the only one
WHO hates public speaking?.



You never realize

how thirsty you actually are,
until you start drinking.

Put the bottle down

for the love of a daughter. ♥


I'm gonna love you like I've never been






Spongebob: I changed Squidward into a frozen dessert!
Patrick: A frozen dessert?
Spongebob: Yeah!
Patrick: *Licks the cone.*




I write music for ears, not eyes.


Just be true.....

to who you are.♥


"This is gonna be a top quote.."
now it's not because you said it would be.


i still can't believe

that    summer    is    pretty    much    over.    there's    so    much    i    didn't    even    get    to    do.