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i'm gabrielle.
my bestfriends&family mean everything to me.
i wanna be a singer when i get older, but you know, it's just a dream.
i have a cellphone & a facebook.
i won't give my cell number out to anyone.
but if i trust you enough, you can have my facebook.
bryana, victoria, megan, and kierstan.
the people i can trust with EVERYTHING.
i love meeting new people, so comment on my profile.
i hate liars.
cheesecake.. <-- random, but ew, i hate it.

so, talk to me. i'd love to hear from my witty family!(:

i don't trust people very easily. i personally only trust people if i've been close with them for awhile. it's just how i am. love you guys though! -gabrielle. - Profile Counters - Profile Counters

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If you have a twitter
i'll love you forever if you follow me.!/gmegahan
I''ll follow back!

My brother goes to college

tomorrow. We fight nonstop but i love him. And I wanna wish him luck because I know his anxiety is bad. I never realized how much I would miss him, until now. Honestly, I don't want him to leave. He was always there for me. Through thick and thin. I love you Shayne. 


To be honest..
I hate growing up
I wanna go back to when I only watched
Dora, Big comfy couch, Blues Clues, etc.
Now, life is all about heart breaks,
And I don't like it.
And I know I'm not the only one.

am i the only one,
who was lost without witty?♥

Format by Sandrasaurus

there is way too much
cyberbullying on witty. witty is a place for people to be happy and express their feelings without being judged. & these people who come and ruin that are making witty a horrible place. nobody should be bullied. words hurt more than you might know. everyone has feelings, and this could lead to suicide. i don't like the fact that witty is becoming worse each day. and for the people on here who are cyberbullying, you need to grow up. if they didn't do anything to you, don't feel the need to do something to them. here's to all the victims of cyberbullying, you guys are perfect just the way you are. don't let them get to you. you're all beautiful.


Those people who say
"Fave this and I'll write something nice on your profile" 
won't really do it, they're just desperate for faves.

.Shoud not exist. but what is a quote going to do? its going to do alot. I want a petition to go around of witty and i want you to repost this quote with your name signed. after i get all of these names i am going to make a youtube video of all the witty profile names that took out a few minutes to read and repost this quote. lets show these people how much we care and someday we can put a end to this!



You can sip it in the morning
Sip it in the evening, even at a quarter to 3.
'Cause I like sassafras, you like sassafras,
We like sassafras tea!
fav if you remember this from zoey 101.


nmf LovelyHazelnuts

Tomorrow, I'm getting my first cavity filled.
i'm terrified. this might sound stupid,
but does it hurt...?

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