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my names gabby :] and ill make cute quotes for just about anyone. there usually my own, and if not, i edit them to be the way i want. i NEVER take the exact quotes and edits from someone, unless i ask them personally. i hope youll do the same. and if you ever need another quote (thats not mine) edited, just let me know and ill do it for you :] kaay ? spanx. now heres some things about me .. i like to - play volleyball, sit around, hang out, hava good time, have no regrets, live life to its absolute fullest, be friends with alotta people, meet new people, and alot alot moree.. ;] i hate - people who think there all that and a full bag of chips, liars, people who act like they like you, to do work around the house cause it just gets messed up, people who say "i love you" and there too young to know what it really means, and much much much more. thanx for reading

Quotes by gabrimynella

love is an irresistable desire
[ t o . b e . i r r e s i s t a b l y . d e s i r e d ]
now that theres frosted windows,
it gives me a reason to draw your
name in a heart, and let the whole
world know how i actually feel .. <3
*i guess im never gonna have that
-feeling in my stomach when i see
[y o u r.n a m e] on my caller id <|3

editss :]
i/m me <3
here are some things i wonder about..
what do guys think about ?
where do babies really come from ?
why do people have bad emotions ?
when was jesus born ?
who reads,denies & accepts all of wittys quotes ?
how do people invent things so complex ?
-now , can you answer any of these ?
yeah, so theres this boy.
hes everything i ever wanted.
only theres [ .o n e . c a t c h. ]
he doest feel the same way .. </3

editsss <3
[ KiSS me unDeR THe miSTLeTOe ]

omgggg cute edits.
not mine but made my
very own edits for you <3
baby, were sitting here:;
cuddled in the freezing snow.
but you can hold me close,
and never let me go <3

cute editss :]
i/m me
when people you dont even know ; hate you <3

not mine, but i got
amaaazzing edits for youu ;]
how did i get here :; i turned around,
& there you were. didnt think twice or
rationalize, cause somehow i knew that
there was more than just chemestry.
i mean, i knew you were kind of into me ,
but i figured its too good to be true.. i said
" pinch me, wheres the catch this time .. ? "
can't find a single cloud in the sky. help me
BeFORe i GeT USeD TO THis GUY <3

amazing edits !
(one in a million
by miley cyrus -
great song)
FaLLinG DOWn ainT FallinG DOWn
if you dont cry when you hit the floor. </3
( cutest edits everrr :]
just i/m for them ! )