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im amanda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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who else has a cuddle buddie??????
i really hate it when people say "i wont bite" or "i dont bite" its like oh i was totally afraid you would bite me before but now its like ahh your gonna bite me stay away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FRANKIE SAYS RELAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im so happy that i dont have a phone or really any electronics because im just old school like that and did i mintion that im almost 15 ya that stuff just aint into that stuff and people get to freakin attached so boom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
who else is like happy that there are guys on here with brains and hearts????
im so tired of people saying "thats retarted" it makes me so mad because i had a mentalally retarded cusin and she got in a car crash with my uncle, she died. it was a hit and run from a drunk.

you might have known her her name was megan stolz and she was the sweetest thing ever!!!!

so dont say thats something is stupid because it might offend other people

like if you suport brest cancer
every one in my school is like dont sware and then they turn around and sware anyone else see the proplem
why do people act so stupid and act like someone dont exsist its stupid i no how it feels and it kills me cause a old freind saw me and i said hi and she just rolled her eyes so what the point in old freinds if they do that
pain without love
pain icant get enogh
pain i like it rough
cause id rather feel pain than nothing at all