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hello, my name is germil.

 i am amazing (:

 i am Taken <3


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Kylen English.
I just listened to the video 3O times.
He said "I don't , wanna die" the pause that he took between "I don't" and "wanna die" is what made it seem like "I wanna die" .
There would be no reason for him to say that unless :
A ) They were talking about killing him .
B ) The other cop was in the back with him , HURTING him .
That did not sound like head banging against the wall .
That sounded like was struggling .
& Now that I think about it , maybe the pause between "I don't" and "Wanna die" was because
the other cop either had his hand over Kylen's mouth , or he was strangling him , and Kylen couldn't breath so the sentence came out separately .
Kylen , thank you .
I feel like you were here with me all along , giving me clues .
Rest In Peace ♥

--------------------- ---------
R.I.P Kylen English
He went to jail, and began banging his head against the wall.
The police then took him to the hospital.
On their way back from the hospital,
Kylen began banging his head against the car window,
saying "I WANT TO DIE!" .
Finally, the car window gave out and shattered.
Kylen jumped out of the window head first, onto the sidewalk,
and threw his self over a bridge.

He was only 19.
Gone But Never Forgotten ; R.I.P

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Wiz Khalifa♥


Chris Brown <3

I'm going to marry him. So just call me Mrs.Brown.


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I wanna be ;

The girl you talk to when everything is wrong.

The girl you can cry around.

The girl in your dreams.

The girl you want in your life no matter what. .

The one you think about before you go to bed,
and the one you think about when you wake up.
The one you can tell your guy friends about.
In other words..
I wanna be your everything.

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You were so cute.;
Then you talked




I have an AMAZING boyfriend


Boy, i love you♥