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I Am Georgia(: There are many things you may not know about me. I'm 13, an Aussie and currently single (: I have an identical twin sister who looks exactly like me |: She is quite annoying. I have a gorgeous niece called Kaydee who was born 12th January 2010. I have another sister and a brother. My favourite lolly is karate belts (: I think that Eminem is the most amazing rapper of all time (: My favourite soft drink is Pasito (: I like oreo mcflurry's (: Live life to it's fullest.


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Is it just me, or did Paranormal Activity ruin your sleep for the rest of your life?


I want my bestfriend back. She only talks to me for serious stuff, because deep down, she knows I'm the only one that will listen ♥♥
I'm sick of it.
My friends.
My family.
My teachers.
My school.
My enemies.
My life.
I have never had a boyfriend.
Never told anyone who I like.
I'm sick of keeping it all in.
I want someone to tell me I'm pretty.
I want someone to ask me if I'm okay, for once.
I want someone to stop assuming everything is fine.
I wear a happy mask all the time.
And I never take it off.
And most of all.

I want my best-friend back.


We were given: Two hands to hold. Two legs to walk. Two eyes to see. Two ears to listen. But why only one heart? Because the other was given to someone else. For us to find. ♥♥

Life's no storybook.

I try to feel happy, but I can't help think...

that could be me ♥

I call you bad names, but the truth is...

And sometimes I wonder...

who does he wish for at 11:11 ♥

I'm the one that:
- gives the advice, but never gets it
- is nice to the guy, but never gets him

- is the third wheel on a date

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