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CHS Cheerleader. [Full] Dominican & proud. (:
Hate is Easy; Love Takes Courage."-
Dr. Martin luther King Jr.
I'm Gesselle; I'm loud, hyper, faithful, respectful & respected, straight-up, funny, I have my flaws, but they're what makes me, me.
I don't believe in "perfect". .
" A wise girl kisses, but doesn't love, Listens, but doesn't believe, and leaves before she is left." - Marilyn Monroe. < 3
Crazy? Yeah. :] you won't forget me.
Don't judge me, I am who I am, Your approval isn't needed.
I love my life.
I hate to be the center of attention, I believe that everything happens for a r e a s o n.
I don't sit around and let my dreams slip away, I make my dreams h a p p e n.

" I'm Gesselle; And this is me.


Quotes by gesselle101

 True Happiness
Is it real? Is it true?
I want my life to be a movie where
True Love is real <3 Every princess has a prince.
 But reality 
There is no true love
the prince never comes
& life is not a movie where all the answers are given to you.
You just have to live life everyday hoping, wishing, wanting your prince and shinning armor to come. .  ♥
For once i am extremely happy! why?
Because every broken heart i had, lead me to you. <3 . .

want to break down & cry!
really need some Witty sisters to talk to..  

Marriages ;

should feel like a sleep over with your Bestfriend  everynight . <3 .. 
If it makess you happy, it can't be that badd;; if it makes you happpy-- then why the helll are you so sad. ♥//. 
it started with a kiss and ended like this.. --> . .</3
Everyone says love hurts but that's not true, loneliness HurTs
Rejection hUrtS
Losing someone HuRts
Everyone confuses these with Love
But really 
love is the only thing in the world
That covers all the pain & makes us feel wonderful. <3
just make sure you leave my heart how you found it, you can keep the key but the lock stays around it. :) 

What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. <3 .