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Hey people I'm just a normal teenage girl that lives a normal life.

Quotes by gigglebox0989

Don't let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. -A Cinderella Story
The only tool that becomse sharper with constant use is the tongue.
Algebra is a lot like life; it's easy to mess up.
I love you more than a skater loves his skateboard
I love you more than a gothic kid loves black.
Nobody's perfect, so why do you try to act like you are?
Tell people what's on your heart not what they want in their head.
Suicide's not the way out so don't take screws up everything.
I thought I had many friends,
and that my friendships would never end.
Then one day something came along
and destroyed my patience, my heart, my song,
My so-called friends destroyed my life
and the saddest part is they don't care why.
I guess I had it all wrong
for my friends didn't care about me for very long.
The truth is they never did care
I just always thought they would be there.
Did I take advantage, or did I abuse,
did I always come across as being rude?
Would you please just give me a chance
could you please just try to forgive and forget?
I'm sorry if i hurt you the way you hurt me
but i guess it's to late now i know friends aren't free
I have learned my lesson that friends are dear
and to never take them for granted for the end is near
I had to learn the hard way
I wish it woudln't have been so
I wish we were still friends
as we once were.
But now the damage has been done
and i can't go back and un-do it all.
I'm sorry it had to turn out this way
but they say life is just a game.
They were wrong you have to treat others with care
i learned this the hard way because now nobody is there.
I made a huge mistake and i would take it back if i could.
and i know i should.
Some of the stuff that happened made me want to die
but now it's to late so i guess this is goodbye
Friends are like hot chocolate they cheer you up when you're down