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Quotes by giinaababyyxx

let's ignore each other,
and try to pretend the
other person doesn't exist.
but deep down, we both know it wasn't suppose to end like this.

i love you...
we were together for five months and now your gonna say that you never really even liked me? okay, go ahead and lie to yourself just to make you seem cool and a player. even though everybody knows that you were crazy about me and that i was the most important thing in the world to you.  and go ahead and lie and say that you’re the one who broke up with me even though all your friends saw that text. whatever, just go ahead and be a liar. because we both know that we were in love, and each other’s first real true love. and that we cared about each other so much that it wasn’t even explainable . so just go, go ahead and lie to everyone if that’s what you want. because all those sweet things you ever said to me must not of been true since you broke all your promises and never backed up what you said to me when we were together. i guess everybody was right i did deserve better . but if that’s the case then how come i’m still not over you even though we’ve been over for quite some time now….
i miss you more than ever now </3

you always said that
you would always be there for me
no matter what,
even if we hated each other.
sooo here i am, and youre not here....
thanks for lying to me all that time </3

venting </3
all mine.

so i broke up with you because my friends told me that it would be the best thing for me. if it was the best thing to do then how come everytime i see you my heart breaks a little more and more each and everytime... </3
&+ remember when
you promised to
me that you
could never let
me go...?
well you broke 
that promise,
& now i wish
that you

soo truuee^^
 < / 3 .
all mine.
no jocking.
&+showmethatyou'renot liketherest...