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Hey! The names Kara and im !3 years young. I blow out the candles on July 29th.  My sport is soccer. Favorite color is hot pink.
 Love to make people smile!!!:)))))
I love all kinds of music. But my favorite is country and pop. wellim really baad at writingg theese so ummm. I'm really crazy and entergetic. and my friends say im pretty funny. If your having a baad day just comment on my page and i will try to get a smile on your face!!!!! if you have read all the waytil now. Congratulation because you are awesome!!!  Now go off into the witty world and fave all my quotes and don't forget that all of you guys are beautiful just the way you are!!!

P.s i like getting followed
Napoleon Dynamiteget word flashing 

Quotes by gingerfox3


I'm never happy with myself. No matter what i do i hate me. You might think i'm this happy funny girl but you don't know my secrets. The stuff i don't even tell my closest friends. The thoughts that go through my mind constantly. The nights I fall asleep crying. Don't say you know me until I tell you my life.
i get yelled at for staying in my room all day but when come out i get yelled at..
format-br0kenwings LEAVE THIS HERE PLEASE.

The goal isn't to live forever
The goal is to creat something
that will



No one knows what hides
behind my smile

Haven't been on witty in a long time....anyone miss me??
Probably not


What I
one day i just got up and left. Would you notice.
Would you care. Would you regret not telling me how you felt. If i just
walked away would you chase after me.  
Or just let me go
Would your life be different without me.
Or would you find a replacement.
Someone better than me. Someone prettier than me. 
What if you told me to stay.


Has anyone seen the ads on witty lately
I think Steve is trying to tell us something


New Profile Picture...Tell Me Watcha Think.
Also thinking of changing up my profile...any thoughts?


I get so insecure about myself. I work out so I'm not fat, its not good enough. I cover up my face with foundation, its not good enough. Everyone is always gonna be a little better than me...and it sucks