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Hey! The names Kara and im !3 years young. I blow out the candles on July 29th.  My sport is soccer. Favorite color is hot pink.
 Love to make people smile!!!:)))))
I love all kinds of music. But my favorite is country and pop. wellim really baad at writingg theese so ummm. I'm really crazy and entergetic. and my friends say im pretty funny. If your having a baad day just comment on my page and i will try to get a smile on your face!!!!! if you have read all the waytil now. Congratulation because you are awesome!!!  Now go off into the witty world and fave all my quotes and don't forget that all of you guys are beautiful just the way you are!!!

P.s i like getting followed
Napoleon Dynamiteget word flashing 

Quotes by gingerfox3

I get it.
Popeye was a sailor and their

food goes through me like a


BravoSierra's format

the key on Ben Franklin's kite was to her apartment


Come with me and take a pee in a world of pure urination

admit it... you sang that

I fall in love with him a little more each day

I think it's about time that Taylor Swift's exes formed a band and sang replies to her songs

When your teacher moves your seat away from your crush and your just like
"Oh no you didn't!"


»»» It doesn't mean it

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I'm tired of
 you being mad at me,  you telling me I've changed, saying I'm turning into a bi*ch, saying hi to you and not getting a hi back,  trying to fix everything, you getting mad over nothing, you saying I don't try to fix it...I'm sick of it 

I'm tired of this...I don't  think I can fix it anymore

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That Sad Moment When Watching Pretty Little Liars Is What I Look Forward In Life.
That Sad Moment When Watching Pretty Little Liars Is what I Look Forward To In Life
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