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Hey! The names Kara and im !3 years young. I blow out the candles on July 29th.  My sport is soccer. Favorite color is hot pink.
 Love to make people smile!!!:)))))
I love all kinds of music. But my favorite is country and pop. wellim really baad at writingg theese so ummm. I'm really crazy and entergetic. and my friends say im pretty funny. If your having a baad day just comment on my page and i will try to get a smile on your face!!!!! if you have read all the waytil now. Congratulation because you are awesome!!!  Now go off into the witty world and fave all my quotes and don't forget that all of you guys are beautiful just the way you are!!!

P.s i like getting followed
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 This one time in 6th grade these three girls would bully me and call me a names so instead of just taking it I put cigarettes in all of their purses and went to the counselor fake crying saying I was “worried about my friends dying of cancer” and they all got suspended and two of them got pulled out of the school by their moms

 am i allowed to wear a sweatshirt in like the first week of school  or is that showing how much i don’t care too early

The fear of tampons that exists in teenage boys is literally one of the
funniest things I've ever seen. They act like it's a nuclear missle. Like, calm down, bro. It's just a compressd cotton ball. I swear to God, if you ever want a teenage boy to leave you alone just pull out a tampon and throw it in his direction and he will run as far away as possible. It's hilarious.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                         six inch rockets


  Them: Bite me.
You: Nahh, I'm not a fan of your flavor.


 Why don't you just pull a Michael Jackson and "Beat It?!!?!"


  Them: C'MON LETS GO.
You: Is my name V?
Them: No....
You: Than why would you think I would follow U?


  Them: Wow, did you even look in the mirror this morning?
You: Well at least my mirror doesn't start laughing when I look in it. Too bad you can't say the same for yourself....


  Them: You're Ugly.
You: Compared to what people say about you...thanks...that means a lot.(:



  Them: You're fat.
You: Well hun, I can simply go on weight watchers and change that. But I'm pretty sure the only thing that can help you is a paper bag.



  Them: You're so tall! How's the weather up there?
You: (Spits
It's raining.

I don't care if it's 4am.
                                                    It's not tomorrow until I wake up.

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Just spooning my boyfriend.
                                                              Out of his container. Well, he's ice cream.

Asking your parents
                                                 AFTER you've made the plans.

How do Chinese people name their kids?
They throw a pan down the stairs and sees what
noise it makes. Ping Ting Dong