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Quotes by gingerlicious

Stan: What's your idea of a perfect date?
Cheryl: April 25, because its not to hot, and not to cold, all you need is a light jacket!

                                                                                          -Miss Congeniality


 faving your own quote  
so it doesnt look like you dont have any favs


just  when  you feel like there is
    no one who cares   
look around to find
theres always someone there
Unless he is

a christmascarol

then he's not gonna change overnight

one day i was babysitting and i had concealer in my pocket.
the little girl i was babysitting asked me what do you use it for,
                         so i told her and she said to me
 "You should really use it for all those red things on your face."

(true story)



imma ninja, imma, imma  


its true,
i really am a ninja 


One day my cousin was sittin in the car lookin sad. My aunt asked him what was wrong and he said
"I just have soo much going on in my head" 

He's six.

(who  else  is  wondering  what)