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I'ts likwbroke up,
but we weren'evedating


Do you ever just think about suicide? Like the act of killing yourself. How it would feel to have all the blood out of your body because you slashed your wrists a little too deep, or the way your body would swing back and forth as you hung from your ceiling? Maybe the way you would die instantly from a shot to the head or how your body would react to taking all those pills at once? It just seems so peaceful. The act of dying. On your own terms. When you want. Where you want. No major event, nobody else dying with you. Just you, in your room. Falling blissfully into a state of depression that you will never come out of. 

All Of Us Are Alive  
But Is Anybody Really Living

Anybody else notice that the word  


looks like a person doing the peace sign with their hand? 




  I'm going to be 17

when I finally get to see One Direction in concert :(
atleast I will get to see them 


Shes The Girl On Fire

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   May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor 


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 Live Everyday 
Like It's Your Last.




     “Life is a funny thing,
      The minute you think
      You’ve got everything
      Figured out something comes along               and turn it all upside down.”
                 — Zayn Malik

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My friend just told me that the guy i used to have a huge crush on used to like me.

but he thought i hated him. he has a girlfriend now and they are super serious.

 he doesnt know i like/liked him and he doesn't know that i know he liked me. what should i do because i really like him?