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Cheat on me once, shame on you.
Cheat on me twice, shame on me.

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We are young.
So we set the world on fire.
We can grow brighter.
Than the sun.

Jimmy died today

He blew his brains out into the bay...

30 Days of My Chemical Romance

Day 1: Teenagers<333
Day 1: First song you ever heard by My Chemical Romance
Day 2: When you became a MCR fan
Day 3: First video you watched on their youtube page
Day 4: Favorite quote by Gerard Way
Day 5: Favorite song by My Chemical Romance
Day 6: Favorite MCR music video Day
7: Favorite performance by MCR
Day 8: Favorite lyric
Day 9: Favorite album
Day 10: The day you saw them in concert
Day 11: Favorite picture of Gerard Way
Day 12: Your least favorite album
Day 13: Someone who you would want to do a duet with MCR
Day 14: Something that you miss about MCR
Day 15: Your least favorite My Chemical Romance song
Day 16: A My Chemical Romance song you wished that had a music video
Day 17: Your favorite hair color on Gerard Day
18: Least favorite album
Day 19: What you love most about Gerard
Day 20: Have you ever met Gerard Way? If so, tell the story :D
Day 21: Something that both you and Gerard Way do (common interest, habbit...)
Day 22: Do you perfer Gerard's hair long or short
Day 23: How long you've been apart of the MCRrmy
Day 24: How has Gerard impacted your life
Day 25: # of times you listen to My Chemical Romance's music a day
Day 26: Number of songs you have on your iPod by MCR
Day 27: My Chemical Romance song that you're sick of hearing
Day 28: Your reaction if you won tickets from a contest to go see them
Day 29: Most played MCR song on your iPod (&how many times?)
Day 30: What you would say to Gerard Way if you ever met him <3
I need help:

My name is Chizuna, and I am Bisexual. My girlfriend, Amanda, is probably the most amazing thing that has ever, ever happened to me. Sadly, because we are dating, we get bullied a lot. She's come to me crying because she can't take the name-calling and the abuse. I'm thinking about breaking up with her; not because I don't like her anymore, but I don't want to see her cry. What do I do?

-A Confused Teen
If My Velocity
Starts To Make
You Sweat, Then
Just Don't Let Go
Okay when I'm tipsy my IQ definitely goes up by 10 points.

As I laid there on his chest, listening to his heart beat

I knew at that moment that I loved him.

Hockey. Why? Why do we skate back and forth night after night? Skating so hard we throw up. Skating so hard your heart beat rings in your head, while your lungs are grasping for air. Late nights, early mornings, Friday nights, Saturday evenings, broken bones, torn muscles and deep bruises. We skate through it all. Because we live off our adrenaline, because the game frees your spirit, because the party in the locker room is fine, because your invincible once you step on the ice, because a shot can make you smile all night, sniping the twine, the rattling of the boards..., the feel of the puck, and skates carving into the ice is a rhythm to live by, because its possible to skate fast enough to leave all your worries behind. Sweat is the cologne of our accomplishment. Why? Why would someone push themselves so hard? It's not for the money and it's not for the fame. We do it because we love it- If you are a hockey player and you are proud to be one, pass this on with pride!!!

In My Beloved World Of Darkness, You Are The One Light I Don't Mind Shining.  

You lose and you gain, but you can't gain what you lose...