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I hope you suffer

Quotes by givemeink

"We all want to die like movie stars." You said, as you jumped
From the height of our cutting room floor.
Well above us
Glowing, Exploding,
Our dreams forth in life and death.
Hold me and tell me we'll burn like stars.
We'll burn as we fall.
Watch, as city lights
Dance for us.
Where were you, all those times you promised you'd be there for me?
Those times when I broke down, when I needed you most?
What were you doing when I had my first panic and anxiety attacks?
How about when I called and asked if we could talk, and you "didn't have time"?
Where were you when I hit my highest high, or my lowest low?
What about when I was admitted into "counselling" to help my self-harm addiction?
Where do you think you were when I tried to kill myself for the first time?
Or when I succeeded in dying, and they revived me?
Where were you?
What was so important that you couldn't visit me in the hospital?
Why weren't you there for me?
Why weren't you there when I broke several bones?
Was your hockey game more important than your injured son?

Every time I reached out, when I was weak, when I needed you, you weren't there.
Where were you!?

Here's the thing, though, Dad.
I don't break down anymore.
I haven't had a panic or anxiety attack in two years.
I have people who make time for me, now.
I have people who support me no matter where I stand.
I successfully "graduated" from the rehab centre, and I haven't hurt myself in 8 months.
I haven't attempted suicide in 3 years.
See, I'm glad they revived me.
My injuries - physical, mental, and emotional, have all healed.
All without your help.
I don't need you. Not anymore.
Even though my mother left you when I was an infant, 
you walked out on me.
And, truth be told,
It's your loss, Dad.

Someone said they saw me fall apart
Part of me collected and destroyed
Tell me what it's like to hold a heart
When it shatters

There is a face beneath the waves
Someone said that they ran into her
Asked if there was any word of me
And she swore that everything we were
Never mattered
Don't ever speak my name again.
We are the angry and the desperate,
The hungry, and the cold,
We are the ones who kept quiet,
And always did what we were told.
It's not your fault that you're always wrong
The weak ones are there to justify the strong
My skin is singed but it heals my heart
And with glowing pride I'll wear my scars
Honored by your hatred
Leaves fall we arise again
And the end impending it will begin
So welcome as it's burning through
When they kill the lights, I'll become your conductor.
Homophobia is not rad
Don't live with it
Be punk rock
Aceept everybody
I'm not too wild, you're just lame.