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You only live once thats the motto ni**ah YOLO:*
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My names Kaitlyn and i blow out the candles January 20th. Which makes me 14. I wish my birthday was in the summmer but whatevves. I cheerlead and tumblee. I have the most amazing friends ever, litterally. Where so stupid at times but thats okkay! I dye my hair like erredaay. Well not litterallly, but you get the point. In my spare time i enjoyy long walks to the fridge, goin to the beachh, the mall and me and sarah enjoy hoeinng it up at fx. When imm older i wannna be a diver or photographer or tattoo artist or makeup artistt. Yeahh so i'm kinnda nor sure yett. Also, i speak my mindd. i saay what i want when i want, which makes me seem like a b.itch to most people but whateverr, YOLO. Umm i'm gonna go cause i have more important things to doo;p
Byee chickka:*  

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Some of you are really screwed if he or anyone from your school finds your witty..
Have you ever wanted to text
someone and tell them how you felt ?

So you typed it out but you decided that it wasnt a good idea so you just backspaced everithing and not send anithing at all?

^^ Awkward moment when you do this and accidentally hit send.

Guy: Wanna play firetruck?
Me: sure, what is it?
Guy: I run my hand up your leg and i'll stop when you say redlight
Me: okk... redlight
Guy: Firetrucks don't stop for redlights;)
Me: o_0

First 10 years; playing with barbies

Next 10 years; Trying to look like one

Girls are so mean to eachother for no reason.
it makes me so mad.

Shes cries in the corner where nobody sees,

|||||||||||||||||||||||| Shes the kid with the story no one would believe.


We all look so attractive
in the chair at the dentist

Just like a tattoo.

I'll always have you



Shayleigh is my best friend. Shes an amazing

soccer player and she should really teach me how

to play. Shayleigh is really nice. And she knows

i would do anything for her including bringing

really short shorts to gym class..

good times..Shayleigh will always be my

friend no matter what. Shes really pretty and

has long hair, and amazing clothes! I know shes

Super excited for her new baby brother or sister

coming in August. Shayleigh is REALLY funny.

When I'm with her i know where ganna have a

good time..Anyways Shayleighs an amazing

friend and we will have many more good funny

annoying boring exciting times to come.