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Christina!!  ♥:)
I love stella (:
I Love Eminem! ♥ :D 
Dance is my Life :)





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Stella was here ♥ & she loves kiso more than anything in this world because shes the BESST sister/wife/friend anyone can ask forrr ♥ & she also loves how kiso asks the most STUPPIDEST questions in the world !♥ & is the biggest blonde & i LOVVVVVVVE reed ♥  & trust no man , fear no bitttccch ♥ i WILLLLL kill anyone that messes with you siista ♥ !

i love you christina ♥[;

Quotes by glitterpinkfitch

Here to the guys that love me.

The losers that lost me


& the lucky guys who

get to meet me.

Wouldnt life be perfect if... 
guys werent so confusing, and goodbyes
only meant until tomorrow  :)?

I smile when my phone buzzes...
because i know its

I wanna be the girl....
he gives his hoodie &+ hugs from behind.
the one whose waist he holds

and whispers i love you 
& all i want for christmas is....
     ....... you <3

You say you love me and want to hold me tight,
those words run through my head day and night.
<3 i love you.

Can i get directions to your heart?
Im kinda lost
in your eyes.  :)<3

There is always that guy that will pick up
every piece of your shattered
heart & put it back together, 
keeping one piece
for himself replacing it
with a piece of his ♥ 

There are alot of people who call
you by your name,

but there is only one person
that can make it sound special.

 im  jealous of every girl thats ever hugged
because for that short second she actually held my world. <3