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hello there , welcomee to my witty pagee ! i hope you enjoy my quotess ! if you want to talk about anythhing feel free to ask. My name is Tracy i open the presents on July 14! im out going & love to have a good timee. i live in New York and i play lacrosse. Witty is like my diary. So please no haters , im not afraid to say anything back, ive been through alot.I have a really bad temper wheather something makes me mad or sad. I try to not let things get to me but they do. I absoutley hate fakes. My school has plenty of themm. But i found my bestfriends who are anything but fake. i love my friends and i would die with out them. One bestfriend who is the other haldf of me is jules1234(follow her) she know every little thing about me. We piss each other off but love eachotherr. I try to make as many quotes as i can , if i think of one ill put them upp. so yeahh have funn & thanks if you actually read this wholee thingg!
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Normal People:
I love it when my boyfriend/girlfriend
tells me the love me.

I love it when the microwave
tells me my food's ready.

and who else

still orders happy meals every now and then?


Am i the only one despretly waitng for chilly

days.wearing sweat shirts , and crunchy leaves.


looking online for
halloween costumes..?

. Fall hurry up.



i want a cute relationship when you call me every night.

i want  a cute relationship when , when your with another girl alone with out me you text me every five minutes saying you love me.

i want a cute relationship when you get me flowers randomly to show your love and care for me.

i want a cute relationship when you try to impress my family.

Seem's like its not that much to ask for.
but in reality it seems imposible.


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So there's this guy... 
i would tell you about him , but you just might fall for him too.
Favs for this jacka$$. (real convo)

Guy: mornin beutiful

Guy: hahah you wish im just playin whats up?
Me: that was mean

guy: what? srry im not saying your ugly but im not calling you beutiful

Me: that was low.

Guy: haha that first message was supposed to go to my gf
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&& who else feels like
there house is infested with stink bugs?


Spring Break

friend : ahh im so excited i am going to florida for break

Me: oh really ? im staying at a resort called my besdroom.