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hello there , welcomee to my witty pagee ! i hope you enjoy my quotess ! if you want to talk about anythhing feel free to ask. My name is Tracy i open the presents on July 14! im out going & love to have a good timee. i live in New York and i play lacrosse. Witty is like my diary. So please no haters , im not afraid to say anything back, ive been through alot.I have a really bad temper wheather something makes me mad or sad. I try to not let things get to me but they do. I absoutley hate fakes. My school has plenty of themm. But i found my bestfriends who are anything but fake. i love my friends and i would die with out them. One bestfriend who is the other haldf of me is jules1234(follow her) she know every little thing about me. We piss each other off but love eachotherr. I try to make as many quotes as i can , if i think of one ill put them upp. so yeahh have funn & thanks if you actually read this wholee thingg!
follow me....i follow yoou<3
my also bestfriendd are
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Spirt week  
Color wars , 8th graders=white

who ever has their
period is fu*kedd
format credit: notyouraverageteenagegirl

Everything sounds better with a

british accent

*cough **cough* One directionn *cough **cough*


Where did Ke$ha go ?


It makes a big difference when a guy says "I"love you instead of love you.


Hunger Games,

Mrch 23 .2012



forgeterr's signature format. Please don't remove credit. Or I will hunt you down. You do NOT want to get on my bad side.
Things  that   annoy  me , 
People who flirt with a person that they know like them .
All the time .

When you are at home chewing

& yoou hide

it  on the roof of your mouth then thinking wait im not at school .

fave if you hate when this happens


conversations with your pet:


Me:Aww what a good boy you are , yes you aree ! *baby talk*

Dog: why are you talking to me like that ?


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