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hello there , welcomee to my witty pagee ! i hope you enjoy my quotess ! if you want to talk about anythhing feel free to ask. My name is Tracy i open the presents on July 14! im out going & love to have a good timee. i live in New York and i play lacrosse. Witty is like my diary. So please no haters , im not afraid to say anything back, ive been through alot.I have a really bad temper wheather something makes me mad or sad. I try to not let things get to me but they do. I absoutley hate fakes. My school has plenty of themm. But i found my bestfriends who are anything but fake. i love my friends and i would die with out them. One bestfriend who is the other haldf of me is jules1234(follow her) she know every little thing about me. We piss each other off but love eachotherr. I try to make as many quotes as i can , if i think of one ill put them upp. so yeahh have funn & thanks if you actually read this wholee thingg!
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Quotes by glittlergirl98

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The morning i decide to get up

early for school..

6:OO wake up.

6:15 straigten my hair

6:26 do my makeuppp

6:3O all ready , feeling good that i have some time to relax untill the bus.

6:40 school calls , 2 hour delay. Really school can you call any later.



Trust is like an Eraser
it gets smaller and
after every mistake.


 Every kiss begins with K.

i think i broke the record for how

long i  can  hold  a  fake          smile on my face.

only if they knew how i felt, on the inside.



I see t he the truth inyour lies.


-lil wayne<3

              Here, is a tip for  you
the colorof your face should match the color of you neck.
                                                                                                               smh    whores.



The Awkward moment
When your on facebook and you see your quote as someones status that 
 you put on witty.

Justkiddin that never happened:(
But i always see quotes on facebook that i just saw on witty , and about to make my status that.oh go DAMITT


11.11.11 at 11:11
My wish wasn't for him, it wasn't for prince charming. He is the one the find me and rescue me  from my tower and fight the evil dragon. But instead i wished for famillies who are starving and homeless, to find homes and food and a job. So them and their famillies don't have to to bed hungry, and worrying how much longer this would last. Sometimes you need to think about the peole in a worse sitiuation than you.
Have you been to Nyc and see homeless people on the streets?
Do think that is bad?
In some places thats considered


Im up to the point
Where I wish I could switch schools,
I would be just be happy to start over
and get some real friends.

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