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Hi! So I'm coming back onto this website for the first time in over four years. I'm going to leave everything on here just the way it is to remind myself of how much I've grown mentally and emotionally, even though I'm not proud of it whatsoever. I've grown a lot in four years, and I'm so much happier and less depressed. I haven't self harmed in over three years. I'm so happy now. I promise anyone looking at this profile that life really does get better in time. Please, if you feel depressed or the have the urge to hurt yourself, seek help. You're always worth it. Love, Gloria.

 Hey Wittians.
So, I'm Gloria, nice to meet you.
I'm 14, but most people say I'm
mature for my age, so I'd appreciate
it if you didn't judge my story based
on my age. I'm not exactly the happiest
person in existence. I have my
moments when I break down. I cut.
I cry. Yes, shocking, but that's me.
I'm very insecure, and no matter how
many people call me pretty, I promise
you, I won't believe it. I hate my family
with a passion. If it weren't for my friends
and my witty family, I probably wouldn't
be here right now. So thanks, Wittians.
I love you all ~Gloria

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It's good to know that you care.

    Major Depression: High-Moderate
  Dysthymia: High
  Bipolar Disorder: High
  Cyclothymia: High
  Seasonal Affective Disorder: Extremely High
  Postpartum Depression: N/A  
Sad, huh?

I'm just so done with trying to compete with you.

I can't.
He's always going to be yours, and it's because you're better than I am. You're beautiful, and smart, and funny, and he was yours first. He's always been yours. I was so stupid to think that I could ever compare to you. I know I can't. You have more in common, you see him, you're there with him always. I physically can't be, and it sucks because I know we both have such tremendous feelings for this boy. I hate knowing that you're always going to be better, and he deserves you. I just wish I wasn't too selfish to let go.

Tell me anything.


There are these days where I just feel like I don't even make him happy. I feel like he doesn't like me at all. Our friends all say he does, and he tells me all the time that he does. I want to trust him, but he's already dated a close friend of mine, and it's obvious she might still be into him. She likes having guys' attention. It's like ever since I told her I liked him, she's been trying to remind  me that I'm the second girl. And trust me, I've noticed that. And trust me, it hurts not knowing whether he likes me, or just uses me as The Second Girl.


I feel like the second girl.

So... Um... Yeah.
I was hugging him.
And my teacher came outside.
And he picked picked me up.
And I got scared so I wrapped my legs around his waist so I wouldn't fall.
And my teacher was standing.
Right. There.
Why me.

I honestly think I'm falling for this boy.


So it's official.
He asked me out.


The cuts on my arms and hips are hidden,
and it helps to know that even though he doesn't know they're there,
he still tries to fit together the pieces I've broken into.