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gobgoerrsarah's Favorite Quotes

When Harry 

sings his solos i always do

something to distract him

like poke him or make silly faces

so harry can sing his solos without

being nervous 


                                                          - Zayn Malik




 I'll do it at 7PM
                                  Time: 7:02PM
                                   Me: oops too late gotta wait till 8 now


Me: *Sneeze*
Class: *Silence*
Most popular girl in grade: *Sneeze*

Class: God bless you sweetheart Jesus Lord let God protect you from that horrible sneeze! Amen!

I was on Facebook and a girl's status was "Never been called pretty." about 90 people commented; all guys, saying she was beautiful. She's autistic.  ♥

There are 6,930,055,154
people in the world.

Why are you letting just one    

ruin       your       life      ?

--Patrick Star


fave if ;
  you remember Timmy Turners best friends



Yo tex him ,h doesn't  te xt

back.He was obviously so excited that you texted him that he fainted.