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Quotes by godfather

"Break her heart and I will break your face"

i saw this scene today and she really broke his face

How many times you can point to and say:

this is when it all changed


I exist!
But you don't see me




There a numerous restaurants where you can eat chinese
But if it doesn't help a bit.
There are more everyday



What looks to be Nothing
finally becomes Everything
What is Everything 

suddenly changes to Nothing

Thats Life...!


I dont know how and when I started loving  you
But  I know you are the only person I love and care about 
I dont even have a sencond to live without thinking of you 
My tongue gets hard when I think of you,
I cant even express what I wanna tell you
But I just wanna tell you is that
I love you
Have you ever noticed that when you shout 

"hey idiot"

About a 10 people turn around

At some point you have to realize that 
a few people are meant to stay in your
and not in your 

Realizing this hurts more than anything
Time,Health and Relations do not come 
with a price tag
but only when we lose them 
we realize the cost
Treat them carefully
I saw this line at  a beauty parlor

"Dont whistle at the woman going out from here
She could be your grand mother"