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Quotes by gogoyoable

No, I get it. She's prettier.

The worst thing you could do to someone, 
Is tell them you love them, when you know you don't.

Remember when you said you were different? 
me too.
That obviously wasn't true.


Why can't anyone accept me, for me. 
Without wanting me to change anything about myself, just to please them.

It's so hard to stay mad at you,
It's so hard to say goodbye.
I don't know why I don't hate you,
When you completely broke my heart.


 It would be the perfect crime,
If I stole your heart,
and you stole mine.


I just want you to look at me, and realize that everything is not ok. I want you to make me feel better, to try, at least. I want you to listen to what's wrong,
and make things ok.  

 I just want you to care.     

I wanna go back to what we used to have..



When you want to tell someone something, 

But then you remember you're fighting with them..