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Quotes by goingbacktothecorner

I have decided that i want to work for the samaritans as a part time job when im older.
So its Self-Harm awareness week so heres a little something to support the campaign

Harmfull words
harsh wirdsleads her to paint a picture
The knife her brush
her skin a canvas
and her blood,the red ink that drips doown

Tears streaming
pulse racing
teeth cenching
abuse filling her ears
she needs to vent, but who could listen
who would care?

And s everyday, she paints a smile,cakes herself with makeup.
when she comes home, it all comes off,
and it all drains down the sink.
with her knofe as a brush, 
her skin a canvas
and her blood-the inkthat drips away.

There's like this famous rock band from america, and all i need to know what their name is. All i know is that they were known for a hand with the victory gesture and has a few bracelets at the wrists. Do you know who they are. Comment their name Please.
I would like to warn the following readers that this is a vent.It would be very nice if you read it but im not out for faves.

I just hate my "friends" sometimes.I just hate the way they can make me feel so lonely and depressed sometimes.I hate that they need me to cry on or to rest on or to complain to or just use me as a gapfiller sometimes.Oh i also hate that they just seem like their copying me, or they like the same things i do and completely ignore me when a related topic comes up,There are so many things i just hate about them but i dont feel like wasting energy on it.

Go like. 
Sometimes i get these dark moments which makes me ask myself:

Do i really like him? But then he'll do a small thing and i'll remember <3 
just been scrolling through quotes and now i get it...
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