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A friend is one who has the same enemies as you have.
Abraham Lincoln

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guys, im sorry, but i had to.
The Dude with Green eyes

Paul was tapping his foot impatiently to a silent beat. He glanced at the assistant he saw earlier who was next to him, he could now properly see her face and how her makeup was expertly put on, although, he thought, she didn’t really need it. She was rifling through her bag trying to find her phone.
“Well this is just great” she muttered under her breath. She tucked a long black curl behind her ear which he thought was sweet. He could also now see her faded red highlights which looked good.
“What’s great?” Paul asked “oh wait sorry don’t worry” being stuck in a lift was just great; he thought it just does something to people. Her plucked eyebrows raised into a perfect arch that framed her amused brown eyes.paul blushed and stared to the floor. The woman stopped looking through her bag and dropped it to the floor.
“Hi my name is India” she smiled. Paul’s red cheeks faded a little. He stood up a bit straighter and held out his hand. “Hello my name is Paul Thompson, but you can call me Paul”it was dark in the lift so Paul was grateful that she couldn’t see his blushing cheeks.
“Have you been exercising, you look quite red” she asked…Paul didn’t answer but India didn’t seem to mind, instead she took off her shockingly red heels off and sat down and began to massage the soles of her feet. She patted the space next to her beckoning Paul to sit down.
“Wait can you get up India?” Paul asked. India nodded and stood. Paul removed his heavy, but warm jacket and spread it on the floor for him and India to sit on. They both sat there a while in friendly silence. India took out some water from her bag and drank from it. She then took a mint out and offered it to Paul. He was thankful for the mint and began to suck on it. Minutes went past. India shivered slightly but tried to hide it. Of course being a photographer this didn’t miss his eye so he took off his jumper and gave it to India, she smiled and gratefully put it on.
“Why do you keep helping me out?”She asked. Paul thought about why he was helping her. She was a complete stranger who he only saw from his meeting with mr.roberts himself. Maybe because they were stuck in the lift together and they were the only ones in it…
“I’ve helped you, because I’m a gentleman and you are cold. In fact,” he smiled “it looks cute on you” he nodded at the jumper. She blushed, which was a nice thing to see. Minutes which felt like hours went past (he knew because of his Rolex which was cold against his skin) and India’s head was resting on his shoulder, he thought that this was weird but he soon found out that she was actually asleep. Paul began to hum a song he usually never would hum. He soon hummed himself to sleep. 
I go to a club at school called Amnesty International.It campaigns against human right Violation and supports people around the world.E verytime i want to go a friend of mine will always try to undermine the club.Is this right or is it wrong, coz i sureas hell dunno.
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If you've ever been called


put this as your quote,

[]'s it


You are what you eat...

I dont remember eating "feeling like crap,i want to die" for breakfast

Did i make you smile?:]

That incredibly sexy movie star moment when

A single rain drop falls on your lips

just me?

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