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I love you
and nothing
can ever
tear us

goneAWOL's Favorite Quotes

Live life for the moment, because everything else is uncertain

-Louis Tomlinson
I'm really awkward
I do drive thru at my work.
& this guy came in
& he told me I was cute.
My response?

"Thanks I have a turtle."

  I'm a kinda girl who doesn't say word......
I've learned that...
It's better to be with someone of good nature rather than of good physique.
You wouldnt smile if you knew how I really felt about all of you. 

~the front bottoms
Does my new picture make it look like I just got off a sail boat..?

Pretending is the only thing stopping me from completely breaking down.
I miss you with all my heart...
We can be together no longer,
Even though my love for you grows stronger.
I moved away,
With much left to say.
I'm sorry.
#Sleepover:) xxx blah blah blah


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