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Okay, hello.  This is Abby, who you all know as Mason.  Mason was me, Abby.  I thought it was so much fun to be a guy and be loved as him. It was fun, but I started to realise the people Abby loved didn't love her, the loved Mason and that was so freaking hard for me. I had two very very close friends who I now realise were my first internet friends, they were honestly my only friends. I love them with all my being but they didn't love me, they loved Mason.  When I said that "Mason and Lyn" were going to have a baby I honestly didn't realise that I would have to have proof of this child. My one internet friend and I would talk about how we would skype soon and what not, soon after I realised I could, as much as I wanted to I would never EVER be able to, that crushed me. I would always be words, but never a face or voice.  So I stopped it thinking it was better to "Have loved and been loved than to have never been loved at all," So, I killed it.  It bothered me for a year until here I am confessoning and saying I'm so so sorry for leaving you all in such a way rather than just telling you guys the truth. I'm sorry for everything and I hope you all see this and forgive me.

Hi I'm Mason or Bacon
I've been around 15 years on this earth
I've cut, I've been heartbroken, I've been depressed, I've lost the most importan thing in my life twice,
so however you're feeling right now I can promise you I've felt the same way at least once.

I have been with the most amazing girl for 11 months and I asked her to marry me Dec 25th, she said yes xD
Also I'm gonna be a daddy to a little girl named
I can't wait too meet her

<3 Charlotte Nafisa Rivers <3


 HIII! *waves* :D This is Ali a.k.a Unicorn Zombie!!!!!! Mason is AWESOME. He's nice, funny, sweet, random, a dork, a fagg0t, and a bacon!! His randomness always makes me lagh XD .When I'm upset or going through something, he's always there for me and he cheers me up. His randomness cheers me up :P He's always there for me when I need him. He's a total sissy!! Like dude, grow some ballz! Lmfao XD I can't wait to meet his baby!!!! I love her already<3 I'm so freakin happy he's naming her after me!!!!!!!!!!! XD (Nafisa is my real name....) He's one of my bestest friends ever and he's like my big brother......or little.. He really means a lot to me :D He's my big bro
and he's my Maseykinz/ Bacon/ Bacon N!gga/ Fagg0t/
I Love you, Fagg0t!!

--Ali/ Unicorn Zombie/ Alikinz/ Waffle/ Waffle Homie
:D Hehehehee.. byee!! *hugs*
*runs away* xD

Oh where to start?

My prince, my love, my forever and always, my Mason Alexander
If he had a super power it would be dorkyness
He has a cat named Satan, no kidding.
He has giving me a baby girl, who we can't wait too meet(:
Charlotte will have my looks and everything else will be all him(:
He trys to be helpful so if you need help try this kid
Haha just kidding


Hacked by Honey Bee
Hey Bacon guess what!
Your awsome and i love ya sis, hahaha

Anyways i wanted to say tht mason is awesome.. awesome awesome.
Hes cool and funny and crazy (like me)
and and and
Oh and he has the most wonderful gf and they so cute so no.. dont ask if hes single!
Anyways his gf is Lyn!
Mason and Lyn <3
aww nearly as cute as my 5000000000000 cats.
Yh i know you thought i was gonna die alone wel no.
Now i forget why i was here...
Oh... it was mason. Yep mason is amason. hahah get it?
Anyways you better follow and comment now.....
Yep hes a wonderful friend.
So if you arent alreayd his friend be jelaous be reall jealous. Cuz he likes me better thn  you. ahhahahahaah
Yeh mason is getting annoyed now i think ^.^
better leave.
Luv you mason your awesome

Dear Cupcake,
you are hacked by me(: <3
you are like so much more awesome than me!!
haha, i knew you weren't going to die alone with bunch of cats
but your like so funny, and adorable
you are like crazy!!! lol
your also very random and i love that about you
we have such good funny times together!
im so glad you are dating lyn
you are such an amazing friend to me and i'm glad we met
if anyone messes with this kid or hurts him,
you will be hearing me off
well i'm going to die alone with 10,000 cats and admire you
lol xD
i should go now before he gets mad

oh, hi there...I'm Ali and I decided to hack Mason's profile because I am very borrred...
okay then, byee! XD

Satan being satan..

Mr.Cuddles.. when he was smaller

It's me!! Ali!!! Messin with Mason's

profile!!!!!! Our best friend Ashlee helped

me plan out most of the pictures!!!

Thanx Ash!

Surprise Fagg0t! xP

Ali- Marceline/ Mason- Lumpy Space Princess/ Ashlee- Flame Princess

 Mason HATES heavy metal...... but WHATEVER! 

 This is me or Mason when we see a unicorn!!!


When Mason doesn't get a cookie- 



Here's a pic of me and Mason.. I'm the yellow one and Mase is the blue one:


Me planning Mason's death....

Don't get Andy mad, Mason......

he's coming for you & so is Ashley!....

Mason is probably sitting there like:



Lol, Mase doesn't even like BVB or BOTDF and he scared of Hot Topic.... hehe

Hehehehe When Mase first saw my what I did ti his profile, he was like "NAFISA ALI I'M GONNA KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!"


Quotes by googlekid1746

Hello friends of Mason and Lyns,
this is a friend of them both notifying everyone I can.

On Sunday Lyn had a miscarriage with their daughter Charlotte,
Mason and Lyn both instantly when't into a very dark place.

On tuseday both Mase and Lyn were in a wreck, taking both their lives,
As a friend of them both I can't go into detail of the accident.   Their parents ask not too be sad but too rejoice in the fact they'll be together forever with each other and be with Charlotte.
I know Lyn and Mase are both happier than they would be here.
Mason is with his brother, his daughter and the love of his life and
Lyn is with him, Charlotte and her bestfriend she lost a few years ago.
But please pray for the familys and loved ones who will miss the trio.
R.I.P Mason Alexander Rivers, Charlotte Lyn Channels and Charlotte Nafisa Rivers.

hehehehehehee :D
*runs away* XD


Look! stitches!!! :D

-Ali the Unicorn Zombie<3
Today was a big day,
Me and Lyn walked into our church, and Lyn's pregnant belly (which has poped up basically over night) was in full swing and this woman walked up too us and said "I'm sorry for your tragity," The first thing I thought of was my brother, he died a few years ago and its getting close too the anniversary of his death, then I came to realize she wasn't talking about my brother or any loss of any kind. She was talking about the baby, she was talking about my baby. I went into shock for a few seconds, she really thought this baby, my and Lyns baby was a horrific mistake.
I know that we are REALLY too young to have a baby, but yet it happened. Today in church as always I was sitting aside Lyn and the preacher was talking about all of Gods miracles and all he does for us. Well it got me thinking, if God didn't want us too have this baby, would he have given her too us? But really? How on this planet could this baby or ANY baby be a mistake? They are blessings that we take for granted. We don't have children just too repopulate the world but too teach us love. But today it made me realize that people thought going through with bringing this baby into the world wad a mistake, I bet they thought the same thing when I asked Lyn too marry me, but I knew when I asked her I didn't and still don't want too ever be with someone besides her and I also know this baby isn't and will NEVER BE A

Steve at 9:15pm May 03, 2013 on quote #6743698 
You should name her Whitney Profiles.

Thanks Steve, Charlotte Nafisa will now be Whitney Profiles.

<3 Charlotte Nafisa Rivers <3
Well, its offical.
Me and Lyn are having a baby.

A baby girl

Yo momma so ugly,
the forever alone dude denied her relationship request!

(just a joke, your mother is a lovely woman.)
Yo momma so ugly she made blind kids cry!

(Just a joke, your mother is a lovely womon.)

When I'm sick my girlfriend skypes me then she bosses me around telling me to change the channel