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About Me
-I love Anime more then you
-I am very short
-14 and a Freshhmen
-I love video games
-YouTube is awesome
-Facebook is too
-Tumblr's getting there
-I have over 20 cats

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Quotes by googlelove

Sick of keeping my
true opinions quite.
That being said, lets start with opinion No.1

What do you think of cutting?

I think if you cut, you have something horrible going on in your life. It doesnt matter what it is, cutting is NOT okay. I use to think people did it to be ''emo'' ''goth'' ''cool'', but then I found out its addicting if you cut deep enough. BUT I think it's pretty stupid of someone to do it the first time, so you brought it on yourself. No I'm not ''cold hearted'' ''an a$$ for saying so" It's the truth. ''Emo'' people are always posting things like, "You think it's funny that the girl that wears pink getts affection, but the girl in black is pulled off as emo freak of nature?! You're wrong!" <<<It goes both ways! ''Emos'' stereo-type non ''emos'' & non ''emos'' stereo-type ''emos''. ITS LIFE.
Point blank I'm not going to self-pitty you becuse you cut yourself. YOU picked up the knife/razor YOU did the cutting YOU are the one who pulled it on yourself.

Bye, Witty.
Even though I didn't make a single friend on here, get a top quote,
and no one will notice I left, or even got over10 hearts; I wanna say
a proper goodbye(: I'm starting my freshmen year in September, I
turned 14 last April 4th, and I lost a really good friend latley. So
even though I probably wont be on every day like some of you
awesome wittains out there, I'll mostly just get on every once in a
while. When I am, the quotes will most likely be about what's been
going on. That being said, they wont be the happyiest quotes, or
the funniest ones either. Any wayssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


Admit it.
All you 'big girls' that make StarDoll posts
about how lame, girly, and crapy it was.....
Still Play

Is It Fake?

Or Fate?


Blond hair, those dammed blue eyes.
His smile, the way it has to shine.
Her laugh, all its joy.
Her life lived so perfectly.
 Why me? Why me?
What did I do?
Why me? Why me?
Can’t I be with you?

Finally, I was over you.
Then you looked at me once,
Now I’m stuck again.

I don't even see why.
Can’t this end?
 Why me? Why me?
What did I do?
Why me? Why me?
Can’t I be with you?

I don’t think I understand.
Can some one give me a hand?
His friends, he’s nothing a like.
His voice, it’s something else.
Her friends so stand out.
Her shadow has its own doubts.
Why me? Why me?
What did I do?
Why me? Why me?
Can’t I be with you?
I don’t think I understand.
Can some one give me a hand?
My heart, now torn in two.
But not, because of you.
I’m just so confused.
Why me? Why me?

What did I do?
Why me? Why me?
Can’t I be with you?

I don’t think I understand.
Can’t some one give me a hand?

My quote 100%

You can tell me what to say,
You can tell me where to go

But I doubt that I would care,
And my heart would never know

So I'm tired of all the pain,
of the misery inside

I wish that I could live,
feeling nothing but the night
If I find a way to change,
If I step into the light

Then I'll never be the same,
and it all will fade to white

I'm A Girl.

*If its dark downstairs, I run upstairs really really fast like someone is trying to murder me.  

*I open a new pack of gum and suddenly everyone is my best friend.  

*If I cannot hear someone after 3 times I just smile and nod.  

*If I said something sort of harsh I just put an lol at the end of it to make it seem better.  

*I’ve had that mini spazz attack in bed when i'm dreaming that i'm falling.

  *I check my phone for no reason, because I know nobody texted me.  

*I will go out of my way to step on a crunchy looking leaf.  

*I always hear my name, when it’s not being called.  

*I hate hearing my voice in recordings.  

*I use the word "thingy" when I can't remember what something is called.  

*I say the entire alphabet because I can't remember what letter comes next.  
*I’ve made a beard using the bubbles from bubble bath.  

*I touched something that had a 'DO NOT TOUCH' sign.  

*I run around the house while brushing my teeth

*I read the shampoo bottle in the shower.

*I laugh at our own jokes, before we get a chance to say them.

*I can read the same sentence 638492 times without understanding.

*I go into the shower and forget our towels, so we have to take that risky run to our rooms naked hoping no one sees.

*I push dorrs that say in bold PULL.

*I say ''What?" Even though I understood everything you just said.

*I hate the wind when it messes up my hair.

*I can see the same movie 82349834 times.

*I call my own cell just to find it.

*I can look at the clock without seeing what time it is.

*I turn the pillow over to the 'cool' side.

*Before I go to bed I calculate how many hours of sleep I'll get. *I try to do things before the microwave beeps.

I'm A Girl


Am I huting? Am I sad?
Should I stay? Should I go?
I've forgotten how to tell.
Did I even ever know?