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(-) liars, b.tches, people who lable there quotes at the bottem for the layout that sucks, fakes, stolen quotes, bad quotes, peoples bad grammar at times, my brothers, life ehhhhh, when people change for the worst, being short, having a cold, failing a test, losing a 'good' friend

About Me
-I love Anime more then you
-I am very short
-14 and a Freshhmen
-I love video games
-YouTube is awesome
-Facebook is too
-Tumblr's getting there
-I have over 20 cats

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Quotes by googlelove

no one wants your f.cking formats, so hop off your high horse and shut the up.

no for real though. "I hate when people take my formats!"
I mean, they aren't even that good! All you do is take similar colors and put them in a row to give an effect. so, just calm down, and stop
                         about your f.cking formats
''oh look at me, I made a format. now i'll brand it by putting my user name on the bottem!''                                        format by:
                                                                   look at me I'm so cool
                                                                         no stealing!

like I want to use it
rant over.


My life's not perfect. I'm not the girl people look at and wish, ''I wish I looked like her!" No, I'm that girl who sits in the back of the class room, when no one sees me. I'm that girl that has a hopless crush. The girl with a step-dad with a problem. A mother who takes a lot of meds.

So bye Witty. Good-bye for a while.
I need to take a break.

no hate
but if you cut
can you try
to explain to me
in your own words
what makes cutting so great
and why you do it.

my personal opinion of people cutting cannot be told with words.
but I would really like to know.
please comment.

I would rather spend a rainy day reading, then watching T.V shows all day long

When I find out a guy likes me...
"How high are you?"


Lonely girl was always inside a dream.
A dream that would never come true.
So much noise enveloped her little head.
She stired it all around, she stired it all around.
"No problem." The words came out so lightly.
Those weren't the true words she wanted to say.
Failed again! Failed again!
If my search turns out to be another dead end,
Then I...
will roll...
One more time! One more time!
Release all my pain by rolling once again.
And so the girl says, so the girl says,
as she orchestrated the meaning behind her words.
"Are you okay?"
No, it's not enough!
No matter where I look, the future's no where in sight...
So I will hold my breath...
For now...

Rolling girl, had reached her very end.
The color beyond's unreachable...
Voices rang, and had harshly filled the air.
She mixed them together, she mixed them together.
"No problem." The words came out so quickly.
That phrase then quickly faded from her mind.
What should I do? To make it right?
Although I try so hard, I still end up making mistakes.
So I...
will roll...
Ah! One more time,
one more time.
Release all my pain, by rolling once again.
And so the girls says, so the girl says,
demonstrating her meaning as she rolls in.
"Are you done yet?"
Just a little more.

At this rate, I could end up finding something for me soon.
So I will hold my breath...
For now...
One more time! One more time!
Release all my pain by rolling once again!
And so the girl says, so the girl says,
As she played with her words, while pretending to smile.
"Are you all right?"
"Stop, at least for me!"
"Please tell me you're sick and tired of hurting yourself?"

Now it's hard to start breathing now.


The things I want to tell you.
The things I want to send you.
Those many points become a line
and echo far into the distance.
The words I want to tell you.
The sounds I want to send you.
Those countless lines become a loop.
Connecting everything no matter where you are,

Detdicated to all
you Hatsune Miku fans.


Tell me now, that you
really like my style, oh.
Tell me now, that you
are to commit a crime.

You want this?
tell me how you want it to be.


Hi, I like you.

-Said no girl to her crush right away
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