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About Me
-I love Anime more then you
-I am very short
-14 and a Freshhmen
-I love video games
-YouTube is awesome
-Facebook is too
-Tumblr's getting there
-I have over 20 cats

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googlelove's Favorite Quotes

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I'm Not Snow White,
but I'm lost inside this forest.

I'm Not Red Riding Hood,

but I think the wolves have got me.

Don't Want Your
Glass Stilettos,
I'm not, not Cinderella.

I Don't Need A Knight,

So Baby Take Off

All Your Amour


coming to an end


Listening To The Song
That Gave You So Much
To Remember Even Though
Every Time It Comes On
It Tears You Apart And
You Realize You've been
Crying. The Songs Not
Over But You Know You
Can't Take The Jabbing
Memories That Come With
The Flowing Melody Of
The Same Song That Once
Could Make You Smile On
Your Darkest Day. Your
Hand Goes To Shut It Off
But You Stop, You Like
The Pain, The Way The
Lyrics Paint An Image
In Your Head. But Your
Your Hearts Still Being
Cut Open Because You Know
That Image Was Just A Lie
And Their Long Gone, Didn't
Even Say A Last Good Bye.



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Not saying she's a s/ut, but shes been banged more times then the "I" in Pixar

I use to be best friends with Becky, since second grade when I was the new kid. As soon as we started talking, I knew we'd be friends for a looong time. Last year, towards the end of school, she said we couldn't be friends any more, that she didn't even like hanging out with me. Now ill be starting 9th grade without her. As much as she hurt me, I still want to be friends again but I know if I do, she'll just ditch me again. I don't think I'll be able to go through the last four years of school watch her act like seven years of friendship meant nothing to her. Now when I hear our song, the one we had all those years, I make myself listen to it, even though it kills me inside, at least it makes be feel like we're still connected. I just hope deep down it hurts her like it hurts me.

Fake a$$ b.tches trying to be country. Like no, pick a personality.

This is for all you freaking people who are like 'Steve made this website for quotes, not your cutting storys' and start calling them attention seekers, like no. YOURE the attention seeker, and by the way NO ONE gives a crap what you do and do not like about Witty. Follow the people who have the quotes youre intersested in, and leave all the other ones alone. Simple? Yes, so act like it.