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(+) Anime, Manga, horror movies, popcorn, pizza, cats, swimming, reading, drawing, coloring, fan-girling, music, summer, school, nutella, Disney movies, sleep, snow, fall, spring, parties, sleep-overs, video games, baseball, foot ball, soccer, basket ball, sports, Lucky Star, Witty, Facebook, eating, laughing

(-) liars, b.tches, people who lable there quotes at the bottem for the layout that sucks, fakes, stolen quotes, bad quotes, peoples bad grammar at times, my brothers, life ehhhhh, when people change for the worst, being short, having a cold, failing a test, losing a 'good' friend

About Me
-I love Anime more then you
-I am very short
-14 and a Freshhmen
-I love video games
-YouTube is awesome
-Facebook is too
-Tumblr's getting there
-I have over 20 cats

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