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Nobody's gonna feel your pain when all is done, and it's time for you to walk away. So when you have today, you should say all that you have to say~
Cope with your existence by knowing people need your existence to cope. 
So this "I need a thigh gap" thing isn't about losing weight or working out, it's caused by your bone structure. So if you're losing a lot of weight trying to achieve a thigh gap, it's not going to work. I mean, it's just a thigh gap.. I don't want one, I don't see the need for having a tiny little space between your thighs. 
Don't point the blame when you can't find nothing, look to yourself and you might find something~
Just finished all of the pretty little liars books. And suddenly I feel as though spencer, Ali, aria, Emily, Hanna, and I are all bestfriends.
Hi my name is Kenzie and I get emotionally attached to fictional characters please help me 
Everytime I need someone to talk to, there's never anyone there... I don't belong here, I get that now. 
I need a reason to break my bad habits.
So.. Me and my boyfriend of 4 months broke up yesterday because I found out he was sleeping with my "best friend".
and I need to know if I should burn his stuff or just send it with him to hell so it can burn there..? 
I feel like I'm corrupting my animals when they see me naked and that's not ok 
Watch all of these girls twerking have major hip surgeries when they grow old.